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Janine is an absolute delight to work with as I go through my weight loss journey. She is compassionate and insightful. During our sessions she creates a very safe space for me to freely share fears, epiphanies and frustrations. During our conversations, I truly feel she hears me and is able to, in the moment, provide me with spot-on guidance. Janine’s beautiful energy and joyful disposition brings a wonderful light to our sessions. She doesn’t shy away from tough and emotionally charged topics I bring up and with encouragement she pushes me to continue my evolution.

I’m so glad our paths have crossed and I intend on continuing along my journey with the amazing guide I’ve found!
— Lili, Ontario
Janine is unlike any other nutrition professional I’ve ever worked with. She is, not only kind and completely nonjudgmental, but her strategy is to work with you to find tools that give you power and allow you to grow and learn so that you build a foundation that lasts a lifetime! Janine approaches your journey as just that.
— Jodi, Connecticut
You were authentic and real and you told your story from a point of view I could relate to and that you weren’t perfect and that you had other things in your life and that came into play in that physical place that you would not see from the outside and how you did it was aligning yourself and taking one thing at a time it was that simple. You could take one thing, develop it and go to the next thing. It gave me hope that I could do the same thing.
— Nancy, Texas
I learned so much, felt so much, touched so much from what you talked about. I just appreciate your energy and your love and it comes through in everything you do. You are wonderful and I appreciate you very much.
— Susan, Idaho
When I was sitting there, I was crying, I was moved and I was inspired. It comes back to me being reassured. We have a lot in common, Janine was so authentic and so real and I could feel that.
— Lisa, New York
Janine, thank you very much. You took the whole weight out asking us to do one little step at a time. Thank you.
— Tania, Brazil
Thank you Janine for the reminder to explore and expand food choices. I don’t ever want to feel guilty about a veg or fruit choice, although I find myself gravitating toward “only berries or non-cruciferous” which is ridiculous. Your reminder that ALL can be explored is valuable. Another take-away I appreciate is your reminder that moderation is key. Your reminder to listen to your body is an important one that I have had to learn how to do... as a child I was diagnosed with stomach ulcer and the cure 60 years ago was lots and lots of milk...as a result I think I have allergic reactions to dairy and so cut it out many years ago and have felt so much better as a result. I think that people of my generation grew up with the idea that paying too much attention to ourselves was selfish, vain and egotistic...not something we wanted to be associated with. Thanks to you younger wise people giving us the clear message that no one can do it for us and it’s not only ok, but mandatory.
You were your authentic self and you taught us that that is what we need to be, we need to work from our inside out, own who we are and it doesn’t matter how old we are, it is never too late. And to accept our bodies and love our bodies and not stress out about it, just let it be and work with it.
— Mariana, New York
I love your energy, and your coaching, I truly resonate with you and that’s important knowing that our energies mesh well <3
You were so inspiring. I am going to miss you. That is all I can say.
— Debra, Connecticut
The food presentations were awesome and I am in the food business so I really got a kick out of it and I can’t wait to try out all of the new recipes. I am Italian and a bit of a purest so now I think I am converted and I am going to give the zucchini noodles a try and maybe I’ll even try them in my restaurant. I would hire her if I ever had to do cooking classes.
— Maurbo, Quebec

”THANK YOU for this. I really appreciate the part about being intentional . . .Focusing in advance how you want things to go. Also love the part about spreading JOY into the world. I forget this sometimes and when I remember, it is such an awesome feeling and way to live. Bless you and Merry Christmas!😁”
Thank you so much for your encouragement and enthusiasm! It feels very good to have some guidance . . . It is great to have some solid direction with specific things to reach for.

It’s funny, because although I am considered a “thought leader” in my field, when it comes to weight loss, I do so much better when I have some accountability, hand-holding and support! Thanks for being on my team. Your help is greatly appreciated.
— Lori, New Mexico