Are you wanting to feel healthy and comfortable in your own skin, but aren’t sure where or how to start?

Janine offers programs that are constructed specifically to your bio-individuality. You will never be told to go on a diet or to go to the gym in order to feel more active and healthy. Together, you will discover strategies that work for you, and develop techniques that will enable you to achieve your goals YOUR way.

Get started with your “3 Month Personalized Journey”. This is an intensive program that offers 2 coaching sessions a month.

Discover methods to help make the necessary changes in your life that will promote your happiness and well-being.

Learn how to love yourself and feel proud of who you are.

Find ways to balance your personal and professional life, manage relationships and put self-care at the forefront of your priorities.

Receive bi-weekly accountability check-ins and email support between sessions.

Get connected with valuable resources and knowledge.

Learn your own methods to be healthy and active.

Uncover your mind, body and soul connection.


✓ two 1/2 hour Sessions per month

✓ email support

✓ recommendation to move you forward

✓ session summaries to keep you on track

✓ online membership

✓ recipes

✓ nutritional education


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119€ / Month
for 3-months