Holidays can be a wonderful time of year but they can also bring your stress levels through the roof! 

When your body feels stress, it can create more cravings for those fatty, sweet and salty foods that are generally not great for your waistline. 

Stress also takes a toll on your mental well being. 

To help combat the holiday weight gain & mental meltdown here are some much needed reminders for all! 


Deep breaths help lower your cortisol levels, bring much needed oxygen to your body & help keep you calm when you most need it. This is so simple yet SO hard during the holiday season. Practice, practice, practice and you will be able to get through the most stressful of moments.


Set an intention for the holiday. Without intention you can feel scattered.  It's easier to get back on track when you have an intention. Examples of Intentions: Enjoy my family / Stress Less / Focus on Love / Find Connection / Self Care. 


You have 37 TRILLION cells in your body that all need you to feed them. Water is the elixir of life! It will help you have more energy, eat less, feel less stressed, and not pack on the holiday pounds.


Family gatherings can lead to boundary issues, arguments & stress. Plan in down time for YOU! Create space in the morning & at night to reconnect with you and consciously add 30 second-1 minute YOU times during the day. Something as little as 30 second recharges can keep you going all season long.


You know you are not getting enough! And it is HARD! I get it! Make a plan and try to add even just 20 minutes + a night here and there. You deserve it. Your body will thank you every single day! 


Holidays pack on the stress and pack on the pounds. Enjoy large feasts during the core times, but make the rest of the times as healthy as possible to support your immune system during cold season, keep you sans regrets come January and keep you emotionally balanced.

7. JOY

PLAN your JOY! Joy is not something that happens to you, it is something in your power to create. Schedule in a massage, tea with a friend, a soak in a tub, a morning walk. Make a list of all the things that bring you Joy and reference it frequently! 

Set your intention on ONE of these each day and see how it goes. Some days you will sail through like a champ and others stress may get the best of you. And that's ok! Set the intention to practice, practice, practice and ENJOY! 

In health & holidays,