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Kaizen is a Japanese word that means

"change for better".

Most people are looking to change for better. To improve. To evolve. To grow. To BLOOM. Aren't you?

Kaizen is a very simple process that can help you BREAK through the endless procrastination that has ruined your previous attempts to better yourself, to lose weight, to 


Kaizen has spread like wildfire through the corporate world to improve the quality of companies, and there are even articles about how 1-minute of practicing Kaizen can help you beat "laziness". (I say "laziness" in quotes because I don't believe anyone is actually lazy but more likely exhausted, have a hidden illness, or have yet to find their purpose. If you feel "lazy"...reach out to me so we can get to the bottom of WHY!) 

So what's the trick? How can I apply Kaizen to my life?

Let's get down to it!

Dr. Robert Maurer, the author of *One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way*, says Kaizen is the art of making great and lasting change through small, steady steps.

SMALL. . . STEADY. . . STEPS. . .

Your brain has a built-in mechanism to RESIST new behavior! No wonder it is extremely difficult to make lasting changes and why we always seem to fall back into old habits. 

According to Dr. Robert Maurer, small steps can help bypass our brain's resistance mode. 

The trick to lasting results and continuous improvement lies in taking small steps. 

I've been practicing Kaizen for the past month and have been leaps and bounds more productive. My goal: 1 minute of action. THAT IS IT! 

I'm drinking more water, keeping my space cleaner, and being more productive with work. It's that 1-minute jumpstart I didn't know I needed.


Usually once you get going, no one can stop you and that is the point. Small steps create forward momentum that leads to continual improvement. 

What is that ONE thing that you've been putting off?

Give it ONE minute of your day and see what BLOOMS! It could be your entire life!

In health & continuous improvement,