Tips & Tricks for Eating on the Go

Life is crazy for most people these days, and introducing a new lifestyle can make it more hectic. Most people will start to freak out when they are on-the-go or traveling because they have no idea how to keep their healthy eating in check while away from home. The good news is – it's easy once you understand the basics. Here are my tips for eating healthy on-the-go:

  1. Always opt for the grilled, broiled, or baked protein and veggies. Look for wild fish such as salmon, wild game such as bison, or grass-fed beef.
  2. Remember this equation: protein + produce + healthy fat = fast fat loss. You may think this sounds boring, but your digestion and waistline won’t. Remember, it’s the conversation and person you are dining with that’s the highlight of the meal, not the food. Also, as you continue through this program, your taste buds will acclimate to simpler, more natural flavors. 
  3. If you want to add a carbohydrate, then add a high-quality carb such as one of these low-glycemic favorites: 1⁄2 of sweet potato or red potato, or 1/2 cup brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, amaranth, quinoa, or brown rice noodles. 


However, what if you’re going out for a burger with friends, or your spouse is craving Italian food? Let’s talk about some choices you can make at some of the most popular types of restaurants:

Burger Joint

So you are going out to a burger joint with a few other couples. Well, my friend, enjoy the burger with all the toppings, but ditch that bun. Another option is a grilled portabella mushroom. They are meaty like a steak and very satisfying!

If you’re worried about what your friends will say, don’t be. If anybody makes a comment, just smile it off. You’ll feel great while everyone else is feeling crappy later.

Italian Food

Going out to enjoy some Italian? Here are some guidelines to dine by:

Skip the fried.

Skip the cheese.

Say no to the bread basket.

Skip the big bowl of pasta.


Yes, I know – these are tasty options; however, these options will make you feel bloated and gross, put more junk in the trunk, weigh you down, and aren’t worth the digestive aftermath. Instead, opt for the stuff that will make you feel energized such as mussels, shrimp, fish, or chicken with roasted veggies. 


Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine offers many options for those who are eating clean. Here are my suggestions:

Opt for the brown rice with your sushi rolls and skip that tempura.

Enjoy some miso soup.

Go for a green or seaweed salad, or some edamame.

Chicken, fish, or lean beef stir-fry are winners.


If you want to treat yourself to a slice of pizza then go for it, but balance it with a salad and make sure you flush your body with a detox drink! I do not want you swearing at yourself the next day.

Also, stay away from big pizza chains such as Dominos. They use GMO ingredients and add unhealthy fats and sugar into their dough. Instead, opt for a local “mom and pop” shop.


If you have a dying need to order dessert, opt for a fruit-based option, like sorbet or an apple crisp. Always order one for the table and just take 2-3 bites.


Alcohol can be a slippery slope. It lowers inhibitions and may cause you to eat more or choose foods that may not serve your body. Remember, all alcohol is toxic, and the liver has to work overtime to metabolize it. If the liver is too busy metabolizing alcohol, it won't be able to burn fat!

If you’re going to enjoy some alcohol, your best option is red wine. Opt for one glass, but no more than two. Follow each glass up with eight ounces of water.

On-the-Road Snacking


For those who frequently travel, playing the healthy snack guessing game can be a hassle. Here are some of my go-to snacks for when I hit the road which you can find at most gas stations.


A piece of fruit– banana, grapefruit, apple, grapes  

Healthy protein bars/balls (bought or homemade)

Coconut water 


Hummus and veggie sticks 

Handful of seeds or nuts

Soup, just make sure it is dairy-free and gluten-free

A hardboiled egg and some veggie sticks

Green juice from a juice bar
(tell them to skip the apple and add water or coconut water to avoid a sugar rush!)

A smoothie from a smoothie bar




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