Snacks can be eaten in-between meals if you are hungry. If you’re not, then

don’t eat one. If you notice you are eating too much of a snack, ask yourself if it is close to meal time and you should instead be having a meal (or a mini meal with real food). It can be so easy to eat too much of one snack when you are super hungry!

My favorite snacks are:

1/8 cup hummus with chopped vegetables

An apple with any nut butter

a date stuffed with a teaspoon of nut butter

Protein smoothie (water with one scoop protein powder and cinnamon)

One egg with two tablespoons hummus

homemade chia pudding

Healthy protein bar or Protein Balls (look for a brand with under eight grams of sugar per bar)

A Goat Milk or Coconut yogurt with two tablespoons seeds or nuts

1/4 cup trail mix

1/2 avocado with lemon juice and sea salt

Green juice


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